The Carpet DryClean Double  Guarantee

So by now you are asking yourself: How does Carpet DryClean guarantee my satisfaction?


 Well,  when our technicians arrive for your appointment at your home or business, they will ask you to choose the worst three foot by three foot (3' x 3') area of your carpet. At that point our specially trained technicians will then clean the specified area so that we can show you a very real before and after. If, at that point you are not satisfied with the sample

The best carpet cleaning is to having your carpet drycleaned. We do not use water so there is no drying time before you can walk on your carpet

cleaning, there will be no charge or obligation.


Now to explain the double part of our guarantee. When you call carpet dryclean you will be given an estimate based on the information about your home or business you provide. We GUARANTEE this quote will not exceed 10% of the estimate you were given.  Once you agree to the quote, the Carpet DryClean technicians then start cleaning the areas that you requested.


We must add that there is only one exception to the 10% rule. In the event that there are additional rooms, areas or additional square footage NOT previously included, then an adjustment will have to be made to the quote. The Carpet DryClean technician will then explain what needs to be done and acquire your approval before continuing.


 Call us today at 919.878.0748, and you will be satisfied too!


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